Bitcoin Investors win four seats in 2020 elections in Brazil

Aldermen who declared cryptomoedas as assets are elected in RJ, PR and SP.

Some candidates who declared cryptomoedas like Bitcoin as assets to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) were elected to the position of councilman in Brazil during the 2020 elections.

Thus, a partial survey of Bitcoin’s main candidates and investors shows that at least four contestants were considered victorious by the recent electronic ballot.

On the other hand, 15 candidates who have Bitcoin Cycle review did not get an elective seat, as is the case of the candidate Júlio César Ronconi who ran for the city of Rio Negrinho, in São Paulo. With 7,586 valid votes, the candidate who owns 2 Bitcoin units (BTC) was in second place in the dispute for the position of mayor in the city.
Councilmen who invest in Bitcoin

Alderman candidate Wilson Zuffa is one of the investors who declared he had cryptomorphs and won the elections in 2020. Disputing a vacancy for the election in Barueri – SP, Zuffa received 3,429 votes and was elected alderman.

In Itupeva – SP, the candidate known as Angelin Lorenção also won the election for councilman. In this case, the investor of cryptomoedas was considered the tenth most voted in the city.

According to Angelin’s statement of assets to the TSE, he holds a total of 3.6 BTC. Considering the price of cryptomoeda on Monday (16), the councilman of Itupeva – SP has over $ 329 thousand in Bitcoin.

In total, four councilmen who declared to have cryptomoeda were elected, one being from Petrópolis – RJ. With 2,037 votes, Frederico Procópio Mendes won the 2020 elections. In the declaration of assets Mendes said he invests in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Finally, the list also brings Evandro Gonçalves Pontes, who was elected as councilman in Adrianópolis, a small town in the interior of Paraná. Among the candidates who declared cryptomoedas, Pontes has the highest balance in BTC.

According to the councilman, he has 15 units of Bitcoin, or almost R$ 1.37 million in cryptomoedas.

Alderman with 15 units of BTC was the 4th most elected in the city (Reproduction/TSE)
Elections 2020

The first round of elections in 2020 came to an end this Sunday (15) in Brazil with the selection of the most voted candidates for mayors and councilmen positions. At least four cities chose Bitcoin investors from among those elected.

While some candidates who invest in cryptomoedas won an elective seat, the candidate for the São Gonçalo – RJ – City Hall, Roberto Sales, failed to get elected.

Therefore, with only 2.5% of the valid votes in the city, Sales was in last place in the dispute for the city hall. Besides being a candidate, the candidate is an investor in cryptomoedas and has more than R$ 190 in Bitcoin.